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What is a Strong Network & How Do You Keep Your Business Safe?

Network Security is the process of taking physical and software preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure, thereby creating a secure platform for computers, users, and programs to perform their permitted critical functions within a secure environment.

Data breaches continue to make big news. One of the latest trends is an increase in ransomware attacks targeted at organizations and businesses like hospitals, police stations, and universities. Data security incidents don’t discriminate — they affect all industries.


Ways to Keep Your IT Infrastructure Secure

Below are the top 5 safeguards to a healthier and safer network.

Every company should be constantly focused on preventing, detecting, and having the right capabilities in place to respond to data security incidents:

  • Hardware Firewall with up to date Intrusion Prevention
  • Network-based Antivirus with Ransomware Protection
  • Content/Website Filtering
  • Email Protection with Spam Filtering
  • Staff Awareness and Training


Networks are an Easy Target.

One of the reasons why intrusions happen is because most small businesses have an “it won’t happen to us” mentality. “Hackers are only interested in larger companies.” “Why would a hacker focus on us?”. Encompass IT has heard this numerous times! The fact is hackers don’t have to “hack” your network to gain access. Malware, phishing, and Ransomware penetrate your network for them. 60% of intrusions are now focused on small businesses because small business networks are easy targets that lack the critical processes to stop cyber attacks.

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