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Comply With HIPAA Standards With Our Heathcare IT Solutions

Your patients depend on you as their healthcare provider.


Your IT shouldn’t get in the way. Encompass IT can help improve your practice with personalized technology services. At Encompass IT, we have a thorough understanding of the strict privacy policies and mandated technology guidelines required for health practices to successfully move into the digital age.

The exchange of patient information between healthcare providers, insurers, patients, and other administrative entities requires regulated security standards. Failure to comply with these standards can cost your organization 1000’s of dollars in fines and penalties. We can help you meet HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards to take advantage of modern technology and streamline your operations without adding overhead.


HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

Below is a small sample of the standards your organization must follow to comply with HIPAA. How well does your organization measure up?

  • Has the organization previously conducted a HIPAA Risk Analysis or any other type of Risk Analysis?
  • Do you have a policy and procedure to secure the disposal of all computer media and equipment?
  • Does each individual in the organization that has access to the EMR/ePHI/PII program have a unique user ID?
  • Do you have anti-virus software on ALL your servers, workstations and laptops?
  • Is there a formal or informal process to periodically review EMR/ePHI/PII record access logs (i.e. to show who accessed a patient’s chart and who is logged into the system) at least monthly?
  • Do you have strong encryption enabled for any data at rest (e.g. laptops, backup media, mobile devices and USB keys)?
  • Do you have a process in which log-in attempts for your computing environment are reviewed to identify potential brute-force (high number of failed login attempts) log-in attacks?
  • Do you have a network firewall (or other network appliances) in place that detects potential malware network communications from internal systems to the Internet and/or potential ePHI/PII (such as Data Loss Prevention) from entering or exiting your network?
  • Do you have HIPAA-compliant password management settings enabled in your EMR/ePHI/PII system and/or RIS/PACS? (i.e. Recommended for health care: minimum 8 characters, password complexity with special characters, numbers and upper or lower case, changed every 180 days and remember last 3 password)


Let Encompass IT provide your organization with a FREE HIPAA compliance assessment.

Non-compliance is extremely risky. Fortunately, Encompass IT has a strong understanding of IT security solutions and compliance pertaining to the healthcare industry and can implement new solutions to enhance your day-to-day workflows without stepping out of bounds with the rules.

Encompass IT is dedicated to guiding your practice to the digital age so you can utilize new technologies to assist you in your day-to-day challenges.

For more information about HIPAA compliance standards or other medical IT issues, contact Encompass IT at (860) 785-6233.

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