Cloud Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

It is critical to implement a data recovery solutions as part of your Business Continuity and Cyber Security plan.

Years ago, businesses required locked steel filing cabinets to store most of their sensitive information. Fire-proof vaults, off-site filing systems, and document duplication were once the best solution to ensure data recovery, as part of business continuity planning. Business owners understood that if a disaster ever struck, losing their work would be a fatal blow.

Today, however, most of the documents you and your employee rely on are digital. Unless your printing massive quantities of client files, your data is left on your computers.

This is where Encompass IT Solutions comes in.

Think about the file stored on your servers. Everything is typically stored on a local, central hard drive to make things easier for multiple users. The problem is that you are placing yourself in a situation of higher-degree risk by “putting all your eggs in one basket”. Unfortunately, hard drives are mechanical and fail all the time, and backing up to tapes is costly and inefficient. Thus, having a dedicated data backup system is a must for every business.

If your business were to ever lose its data from drive failure, natural disaster, user error, or in a cybersecurity attack, you’re going to have a tragedy on your hands. Nearly 70% of businesses that lose their data quickly go out of business. Having a data recovery solution is an essential component of a solid business continuity plan.


How Our Solution Works

Retrieve lost or corrupt files in minutes. Restore your own server in less than 1 hour!

Unlike a handful of USB sticks, our Cloud Data Backup & Disaster Recovery system utilizes Datto Alto to redundantly backup your data.

Alto is the first featured total data protection platform built for small businesses. Easily protect any physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux, and spin up lost servers in seconds without the need for additional tools. With Encompass IT’s backup system, you’ll know that your data is always safe. If ever anything were to happen to your original data, a simple re-route would be all it takes to get your business back up and running again. This allows you to minimize your downtime to minutes, as opposed to the hours it would take to restore that data by using a less efficient backup solution.

To ensure that your company is protected from disaster, we believe that it’s best practice to find a solution that not only backs up your data redundantly in multiple locations, but has the ability to restore in minutes.


If you currently don’t have a backup solution, then you need one.

Based on an affordable, monthly flat-rate, Encompass IT’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is a smart way to protect your critical data. If you’re concerned about HIPAA or other client confidentiality regulations as a legal practice, we’d be happy to explain how our backup solution would work for you.


If you’re interested in proactive Cloud Data Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions, backed by a team of impressively responsive technicians, contact us to schedule a FREE IT Consultation.